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offspring 2015 kuld 4

 Boromir WarHammer  Boromir Attention
 Lives as pet in Denmark  Lives as pet in Denmark
 Boromir Say My Name  
 Lives as breeding cat Morenos Maine Coon.  
Mainefield's Out of the Blue  
Mainefield's You Are My Inspiration    Demmis Roussos Pellumia 
Mainefield's Germaine
Justcoons Ha Shisch
MCO w 63  
 Elphinstone Irish Cooler
 Olympia Della Tribu Del Deserto  
Boromir My Girl   
Langstteich's NU'Tarragona
Langstteich's ES'Number One
Langstteich's N'Quickstep  
DK Boromir Happy Splash
DK Timita's Nemo
DK Boromir Hope 
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