Om Boromir / Offspring
Boromir Miane Coon- Felis Danica certificate breeder
- Breeder of Maine Coon since 2002
-  serious Maine Coon breeder on Falster
- All the cats live in our house, and grow up in our home.
- all the cats have access to the fenced garden
- Fife registered breeder, and menber og Katteklubben
- breeder with respect for the breed so we make no compromises with:
When we plan litter is a very slow process, we have a lot of issues inside. Form wise, they might breed against the kittens should hopefully be better than their parents. Health ago that it is healthy and cats we use in breeding. But the last and very important is that their temperament and personality will be top notch. So the kittens will also be social, naughty, outgoing kittens


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