Youngster / Boromir Glorie

Boromir Glorie

DK Boromir Sauron     Langstteich's NU'Tarragona 
Langstteich's ES'Number One
Langstteich's N'Quickstep
DK Boromir Twilight Princess Supernova Gaucho De Indios
DK Boromir Happy Splash
DK Boromir HafferLaffen     Mainefield's Out of the Blue Mainefield's You Are My Inspiration
Justcoons Ha Shisch
DK Boromir Little Wolffine 
 Løve Hulen's Double Whopper 
DK Boromir Blue Foundation  
 Boromir Glorie is my futures breeding girl she have everything that i dream about. I just fall in love with her then she was new born, and she is so sweet and gentle.
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