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Welcome to our hompage
On this page we would like to tell you a little bit about us and our life with all of our wonderful cats. 
Sincerely yours, Pia and Jean Rohde Larsen who will always be slaves to this amazing breed.  
Together we run the cattery DK. Boromir. We dedicate all of our spare time, our house, garden and our hearts to these lovely cats.
They continue to steal our hearts and our supper. Splash water in their water bowls and entertain us at night when we are supposed to sleep.
But we love our cats and that is why we breed.
In our scarce ’spare time’ Jeans works at Novo, and Pia works in Autismecenter Storstrøm.
Why Maine Coon?
Like so many others we were fascinated by the size of the Maine Coon at first. And its cougar-like expression.
But when we got our first two Maine Coons in 1993 we realized that the Maine Coon is more that just a large cat. 
 Mallou  Bimmer

Boromir Maine Coon started in 2002 when we got our our cattery name.
We also got our first breeding cats. We dedicated all our free time, our house, garden and heart rates for these lovely cats.
We spent most of our free time to take in exhibitions in most of Europe. And has participated in a few Wold Shows. We had from the start focusing on a Boromir cat should be social, strong and courageous. The goal was achieved fairly quickly, and today we always expressions that our kittens fall quickly to the new home and the cats that we sell for show and breeding, enjoying their very active show life. 
We have an Exclusive breeding where our great love for this breed comes first. We breed because we fell in Maine coonens
mind and temperament. We see this as the most important for our breeding Maine Coonens amazing mind. A mentally strong, robust and cheeky cat. As is social, outgoing and outreach in its dealings with
humans and other cats. Therefore angels kittens .... funny bandits who are anything but angel ... only when they sleep :)
 Goal nr. 2 after temper
Is to maintain type in the Maine Coon. This is why we are very selective when we pick out what is to be used in breeding.
The Maine Coon must be a large, strongly built cat who is heavy when lifted up and who has a solid bone structure.
A good coat quality. A characteristic fierce expression, a strong square muzzle with a gently curved profile, a good chin with depth.
Good large ears placed high upon the head and with a broad base. And last but not least the feral expression.
Goal nr. 3 is healthy Maine Coon
When breeding, one must not just focus on a few things. Other important foci are selectiveness with regard to inheritable
diseases and again strong, healthy and functioning cats. In nature a portion of the kittens would die, these are the laws of nature.
In a cattery the cat always gets the optimal treatment, food, visits to the veterinarian, de-worming and so on. On behalf of
Mother Nature it is our duty to try to be selective in a different way. So that we still may have a healthy and strong cat breed in the future.
This is why we have chosen to scan our cats for heart diseases once a year, and we DNA-test them in order to, in time, breed
only cats negative of the myosin binding gene-mutation.
We also scan for PKD and we would not use a cat with PKD in our breeding program. That our Maine Coon cats have healthy
and normal gums is also in focus in our cattery. And a good immune system.
All of this is to preserve a healthy and sound cat breed. As the Maine Coon cat is. But if this focus was to disappear we
fear that the health of the breed would deteriorate over time.
What do I get when I buy a Boromir cat.
Our Maine Coons are our children. So we are very selective when we pick out where our “children” are to spend their lives and  we must feel certain that they are to live their lives in optimal conditions, in a good and safe environment.  We do not sell a
Maine Coon kitten live alone without the company of another cat. We would view it as abuse to this highly sociable cat breed.
When you buy a Boromir cat you get a happy, healthy and very cheeky Maine Coon cat, who has spent the first part of its life in
optimal conditions and who has had a good and safe childhood.
In other words a TRULY ANGELIC KITTEN. Made on the basis of a serious breeding program.  

Pia & Jean Rohde Larsen Musvitvej 14 Nykøbing F Denmark  | Tlf.: + 45 39674415 | boromir@boromir.eu