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On this page we would like to tell you a little bit about us and our life with all of our wonderful cats.

Sincerely yours, Pia and Jean Rohde Larsen who will always be slaves to this amazing breed.




Together we run the cattery DK. Boromir. We dedicate all of our spare time, our house, garden and our hearts to these lovely cats.

They continue to steal our hearts and our supper. Splash water in their water bowls and entertain us at night when we are supposed to sleep.

But we love our cats and that is why we breed.


In our scarce ’spare time’ Jeans works at Novo, and Pia kicks it as a social worker helping and advising handicapped children and young persons.

At weekends we are often to be found at cat shows around the country. And about once a year we may be spotted at a show somewhere outside of Denmark.



Why Maine Coon?

Like so many others we were fascinated by the size of the Maine Coon at first. And its cougar-like expression.

But when we got our first two Maine Coons in 1993 we realized that the Maine Coon is more that just a large cat.

         Mallou and Bimmer born around 1992. Our first Maine Coon cats   

A charismatic breed now inhabited our apartment, no comparison to other cats. These two Maine Coon cats moved in as if they had done nothing else for their entire lives.

They followed us around in our apartment. They were in the shower with us. They would play with the water in their water bowls. They tossed around their food and they could fish out everything with their paw.

They put toy mice and other toys to soak in the water bowls. Threw themselves in our arms at night wanted to be petted and of course went with us to bed when it was late. Only to jump around on top of our cover and to fish for our toes.


We were completely sold and in love with this breed. And very, very curious to find out why they were so very different from other cats.


A few years passed before we were able to find a breeder who was able to answer all of our many, many questions.

 I 2001 we found Trylleskovens Løvehjerte (Lion Heart), and Jean was sold completely.  Løvehjerte can be seen under neuters.

He is a giant black silver with white neuter. Back then he was a little bit smaller in size, but in his mind he was already huge, huge.

When we went to see Løvehjerte for the first time, we of course had brought a cake. We sat down and we were very busy
playing with the kittens when suddenly we found out Løvehjerte was missing........ Yes, because he sitting in the middle of the
cake and happily eating away. While we were being activated by the other kittens.

We loved Løven (the Lion) as we call him today, from the first time we met. Our beautiful and wise cat.

The same year we were written up for a red Maine Coon cat from the cattery Guggers. We were to wait for a loooooong time

before Gugger called us and told us a red Maine Coon kitten had finally arrived into the world. Guggers Red Gillmore was born, we were crazy about him from the sec. we saw him.

    Løvehjerte And Gillmore
We were allowed to come visit when he was 4 weeks old, I will never forget this. A tiny little red lump of fur standing there

hissing at me, and me just sitting there with tears of joy rolling down my cheeks. He can be seen under neuters also. 

Gugger was now stuck with us. Little by little she introduced us to the amazing cat-world. She showed us how to show our cats,
how to see phenotype, she explained colour genetics and much, much more.

A dream began.

We could not help it. We had to start breeding this amazing cat breed that had completely stolen our hearts. Our dream of
having kittens ourselves grew and grew. The extensive undertaking of socializing the kittens, watching them grow into
typical Maine Coon cats was our big dream. Hearing little paws running around... we could not wait. :-)

And we began to feel that we had acquired enough knowledge to start up our cattery.


In 2002 we moved into a house and we bought our first two breeding cats, Løvehulens Riverdancer and Løvehulens Kisses Off Fire

And our breeder aims were beginning to fall into place, under qualified guidance by Løvehulen and Gugger.

Later we got Løvehulens Copy Dollar Princess, who was to become the base of our breeding program. She is now mother,
grandmother and great-grandmother of many of our cats who are in breeding. We still use Princessen in breeding and we are
very proud of her and her amazing qualities. 
See Løvehulens Copy Dollar Princess under Females.


Løvehulens Copy Dollar Princess, Løvehulens RiverDancer og Løvehulens Kisses Off Fire


What is our goal with this particular breed.

We fell in love with what is called the world’s largest domestic cat, so we will of course aim toward having the Maine Coon keep
its size, and its characteristic appearance with a square muzzle and a rough expression. 
So much of our breeding focuses on the very characteristic appearance of the Maine Coon This we will definitely help to
maintain. Many of our cats have these distinctive features.
But what stole our hearts was the temper of the Maine Coon, a cheeky sociable cat with a preference for living in groups.
A cat who enjoys being the center of attention, who throws himself in our lap when he feel like it and who sits there watching the
screen with you when you are working at your computer, only to chill out all over the keyboard a few moments later. What
else can one do except love a breed like this.

So we are a Exclusive cattery. Our enourmous love for this breed comes first. We breed because we fell in love with the temper and ways of the Maine Coon.


We see this is as the most important goal in our breeding programs. The amazing temper of the Maine Coon.


So our main focus in this breed is a mentally robust and cheeky cat who is sociable, outgoing and forthcoming in its interaction with humans and with others cats.

Hence the Engle killinger (Angelic kittens). Fun, cheeky bandits who are everything but little angels… except when they are asleep. :)

Cats in our breeding program are carefully selected based on their temper, that they are strong, outgoing, and lets not forget

sociable; That they are able to live in a group, that they are good mothers and fathers, since we believe these traits to be inheritable.

Focus no. 2 is to maintain type in the Maine Coon. This is why we are very selective when we pick out what is to be used in breeding.

The Maine Coon must be a large, strongly built cat who is heavy when lifted up and who has a solid bone structure.

A good coat quality. A characteristic fierce expression, a strong square muzzle with a gently curved profile, a good chin with depth.

Good large ears placed high upon the head and with a broad base. And last but not least the feral expression.   


DK. Boromir Mr. Black, DK. Boromir Mr Orange, DK. Boromir Little Wulf- Fine, DK. Boromir Snowflake,                  DK. Boromir Klatre Tøsen


Focus no. 3 soundness in breeding.

When breeding, one must not just focus on a few things. Other important foci are selectiveness with regard to inheritable
diseases and again strong, healthy and functioning cats. In nature a portion of the kittens would die, these are the laws of nature.
In a cattery the cat always gets the optimal treatment, food, visits to the veterinarian, de-worming and so on. On behalf of
Mother Nature it is our duty to try to be selective in a different way. So that we still may have a healthy and strong cat breed in the future.
This is why we have chosen to scan our cats for heart diseases once a year, and we DNA-test them in order to, in time, breed
only cats negative of the myosin binding gene-mutation.
We also scan for PKD and we would not use a cat with PKD in our breeding program. That our Maine Coon cats have healthy
and normal gums is also in focus in our cattery. And a good immune system.
All of this is to preserve a healthy and sound cat breed. As the Maine Coon cat is. But if this focus was to disappear we
fear that the health of the breed would deteriorate over time.

What do I get when I buy a Boromir cat.

Our Maine Coons are our children. So we are very selective when we pick out where our “children” are to spend their lives and
we must feel certain that they are to live their lives in optimal conditions, in a good and safe environment.  We do not sell a
Maine Coon kitten live alone without the company of another cat. We would view it as abuse to this highly sociable cat breed.
When you buy a Boromir cat you get a happy, healthy and very cheeky Maine Coon cat, who has spent the first part of its life in
optimal conditions and who has had a good and safe childhood.

In other words a TRULY ANGELIC KITTEN. Made on the basis of a serious breeding program.  



The kitten will have been neutered, vaccinated, de-wormed, health checked. And with the kittens comes a kittens pack and life-long support.

If you are interested in showing the kittens/cats we will also be at your service to guide you and teach you the art of washing the cat for show. :)


But go ahead and call or email us for a casual talk about cats + 45  39674415 mail boromir@boromir.eu

Sincerely yours, Pia and Jean Rohde Larsen who will always be slaves to this amazing breed.


 Pia & Jean Rohde Larsen

Musvitvej 14, Kraghave

4800 Nykøbing F
Phone number + 45  39674415 mail. boromir@boromir.eu

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