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D. 9.12.2012, Another year is coming to its end, and it is again time to take stock of the year that has passed. It has the personal level be a year of development, and greater insight. More knowledge and professional development. The cats have gone terrific, our kittens have been healthy and very sexy. Again, over the years been a constant evolution, with type look and insert mind. They simply had been so naughty over the years, and close to overly social. My buyers are talking about the display Boromir Temperament, I take it as a huge compliment.

Also, buyers have over the years changed, they place high demands on expert knowledge, deep insight and our cats grow up under proper conditions. This pleased me quite incredible that buyers are well prepared, have gained considerable knowledge about the breed health and more. And they consistently ask questions and demands on us breeders.
This must be a thousand thanks, and I am honored that you choose to buy your future beloved pet animals with us. It has to be exciting to share our love for this breed and our knowledge for many years. And thank you for all the lovely messages we get back. Photos and mails are read carefully.

Vordingborg animal hospital and the team around Lene Thaulow be here also have a special word on the road, Lene for her unique insight into cats and a huge heart. Without you and your expertise we would be lost :) Almost, but your constant challenge to my knowledge, and your constant feeding of new knowledge insight would my farming life be poor. But also to all veterinarians in Vordingborg take me bit by bit communicate their knowledge.

Yvonne and Marianne in the two ladies is something special, it is you who provide top service at Vordingborg animal hospital. The remains unique. It is you who comforts, getting snot rags, and good thermal feedback. Thank you for a wonderful year with you.

How about my goal for my katterri, did I saw it I would :) Well I could not stop smiling when I here late in the year did Boromir The Queen and Boromir Explorere these two cats have such a high quality and a mind so I was completely captivated by these two thugs. So Typewise we have certainly come a good way in this year. We also enjoyed unlike the other years had a very high standard of our purchased dogs. My Girl group has not had to work so hard to maintain the type, with any of our purchased dogs in the past year. Our girls are still the core of our breeding and Boromir The Queen, we reached 8 generation Boromir Cats. We are so proud of evolution not only the type of related but also the incredible mind as we work forward, with our targeted breeding.

what about the future, well, unlike the other years in which the targets have to be obvious. I find myself at a standstill right now. So obvious that we will maintain our three main goals.
- Quality of type
- Health through tests and scans.
- And most importantly, to maintain our Maine Coon as some naughty social bandits who are top tuned to learn new families into the total service of cats kittens :)

Boromir The Queen

Boromir Explorere

Dk. Boromir  Engel

Dk. Boromir Twillight Princess

We wish you all a merry Christmess and a Happy new Year.

From the heart Best regards Pia& Jean

The. 4.6.2012,  litter betwin Langstteich Tarragona and Shaddycoon Rocket Queen.


An epoch in our breeding is over, we were lucky enough to be able to buy Langstteich CC. Free Jazz for over 8 years ago, Since then he has in our breeding, be a marked male. He has made many incredible kittens, and a great mind, Naughty show cats who love to be on shows. Crafty and charming pets, which entertains the whole family and friends.

Jazz has distinguished itself by always putting the very marked box on all his offspring, and a health of iron. Nobody could come into our house without noticing my ALFA Male. He has spent years terrified the life of other breeders, kissed by many pet lovers. Some have he always did know the different be twin breeders and pet lovers J

He has played football with the neighbor kids, and loved it :) shared their lunches, and slept on the lap of them.

He have always been my male, and together him and me, we did share a special friendship and respect.

But when he showed me this spring that he no longer bothered to be fertile, and was frustrated .... the decision was not difficult. He should be neutered :) So he was neutered on 11.4.2012, under sharp surveillance of his nervous owner :)

I look forward to again after 7 years to have him lying in my bed and the couch. Watch him play with kittens and keep my girls in her ears. I am happy and know in my heart that the decision was absolutely right.

So I hope that the next pictures of Jazz will be him and me lying in the bed arm. While we enjoy the peace and quiet :)
He genes live on in our katterri and we look with great anticipation to Boromir Never Surrender which will lift the legacy of Jazz. And again, again a huge thank you to Helga Langstteich who gave us this fantastic breeding cat, who really lived up to what she promised, namely a marked man in all respects.
Best regards Pia

The. 24.3.2012

Opdate of Boromir Engel and Boromir Lady Marmalade.

The. 24.3.2012 Opdate on Boromir Night Wish and Boromir Never surrender

The. 24.3.2012 Boromir Shaman  Available he is strong and very big kitten on 3 kg. and he have wide muzzle and very long. And this amazing rough look.


The. 29.1.2011 It is time to show ours new youngster. Se them under youngster :)


The. 28.1.2011 Boromir Sexyback kittens are now 8 weeks old, and a naugthy grupp. They are very big and strong kittens. And for now all are in option, maybee one of the boy will be free again. Time will tell :) please enjoy the many pictures :)


The. 1.1.2012

So ended 2011, and there is time for a little evaluation of the year went. It has in many ways been an exciting year. We said goodbye to the old cooperative partner and met many new all over Europe. Met many interesting new people and made new friends.Relationships and friendships have arisen and we have breeding point of moving us forward.

We owe our thanks to Fakse and Vordingborg Animal Hospital, to be always ready for my many questions. And especially Veterinarian Lene Thaulow need a big
Thanks, for her skill and passion for cats. But at least her skill and vast knowledge of the particular breed cats. These vets are an important cooperative partner. And a big thanks to them for the year of transitions and support.

We've got a few new lovely Maine Coon into our cattery in 2011 Maine Field Out Of The Blue, an amazing boy who Wally thought was just the thing for me, she was not mistaken:) he is probably unparalleled. And I can not wait until he gets old enough to make children, but right now he is just a giant baby that we can fully enjoy.

We also got a very nice girl from Amna Aijah, NL. from Ria and Cor, These wonderful people have been good friends since we started breeding. And got many years ago, two of our offspring. So when Ria again asked in a new cat, well, we had the course.
So late in the year moved into Amna Aijah Sangani. She is absolutely fantastic, we love her look and type. But her unusual beautiful mind, we have fallen for with a BIG bang.
She is simply a bandit, she has only two time species, canter and canter:) She is everything and right behind us. We are eagerly awaiting that she grows up, and must be included as a breeding cat. But now we enjoy her in full and the challenges she's doing for us.

The kitten since 2011 was a busy year, many of our girls have kittens this year. as we are because of the recession as the entire EU. Seeing now meant that we pulled our girl on the pill for a long time: So, either they should have kittens or they should have sterilized. It was with a certain nervousness that we made these litters. But many of our kittens were sold before they ended up on the website, and we saw a big request from pets since. And we've been honored that so many have wanted to wait longer for the right kitten. So a huge thanks to all you wonderful pets buy. Without you, spring is not very Boromir:) And thanks for all the wonderful feedback from you:) and we feel very honored by all the great feedback from you. From: the best thing that has happened in my life, ohhh, I got me a soulmate. to: they must be "as" active. How do I get it from your lap again ... and can I order a new kitten:)

We bow deeply in the dust for you, a thousand thanks to share your many good experiences with us .... AND BECOME finally we enjoy hearing from you.

We thank you for an exciting 2011, which has been instructive and challenging, but there's nothing like a good challenge:) and the learning that jumps out of this. We are at many area become much wiser of the learning we did in 2011 and is ready for new adventures in 2012. So we offer year welcomed and eagerly awaiting the experiences that may bring. We feel ready and curious to what the new year brings. And the learning we look forward to.

Many greetings and thanks for the past year and we'll see hopefully in the new year.
Pia & Jean

The.26.5.2011  We got a very speciel guest in ours cattery  Waltraud from MaineField, it was some very lovely days in very good company, and with a very unique woman. Waltraud was so nice to take her camera with her, and she took lots of very nice pictures of my cats.
This link is very speciel fore us please enjoy it. Please remember sound.  Link



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