Kittens from  Dk. Boromir Night Wish & Langstteich `s Tarragona

This is a N/N mating

  Our kittens are raised under optimal conditions and with high quality nutrition to ensure them the best upbringing. We spend much time socializing our kittens so they're super confident, and very naughty:) All our kittens are therefore Crazy "ANGELS" kittens. The parents of the kittens have been scanned and tested for hereditary diseases that can occur in the Maine Coon. So run that we maintain a healthy and natural cat. We do not compromise, so we have a very high quality of this amazing race  

We have kittens fore show, breeding and petlovers

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Navn Køn
Status billeder

Dk. Boromir  MR. P

Male Black blocthed tabby High White Soldption click
Dk. Boromir  Jappeloup Male Black Black White(smoke) Sold click
Dk. Boromir  Chololat Female Black (smoke) Soldption click

Dk. Boromir  Beorn

Male Black Blocthed tabby Sold click

Dk. Boromir  Lady Chess

Female   Black Blocthed tabby White White sold click
Langstteich `s Tarragona Mco ns 22
Langstteich Es Numer One
 Langstteich DD. Esperanto Langstteich Dandy Dream
Emy -Shou V. Mounch Walderberg
Langstteich Non stop Langstteich Non Plus Ultra
Langstteich Daily News
Langstteich Quick Step Langstteich Non Plus Ultra 
Langstteich CC. O Predicat
HT.Exlucive Alecantra
Shaggy Coons Yamboree Dloce Vita Of Baydar 
Langstteich`s C. Arizona 
Dk. Boromir Baby Blues


Langstteich NU`Tarragona
Langstteich Es Numer One  Langstteich DD. Esperanto
Langstteich Non stop
 Langstteich Quick Step Langstteich Non Plus Ultra
Shaggy Coons Yamboree
DK. BoromirNight Wish Mco N o9 22 CH.Timita`s Nemo   Mco ns 09 22  D. DiamondBeach Buffalo Bill  
CH Løvehulen's Autumn Mco f 09 22  
DK. Boromirs Fairfield Mco w Cozycoons Last Boy scou mco w 62
DK.Boromir Beat Bandit  Mco a 22