Our neuters have a special place in our hearts and our homes. They are our lifeblood and our room kings and queens. Beautiful Maine Coon that proudly displays the best side forward. Shows how an adult Maine Coon looks and behaves. They have an important function in our katterri, As those who put a damper on the fertile cats. And in between shows them how to behave. Some of them have to be breeding cats, some of it is "just old boys and girls from a bygone time as when we did not bred, but had our beloved pet kitties. Everyone has their story, everyone has an interesting past:) But one thing is certain, we are totally enthralled by these wonderful and beloved neuters.
And for those who say you can not keep neuters in a katterri .... I have only one thing to say ... Come and look.

LÝvehulens Kisses Of Fire 

Boromir Deja - Vue


Female Born the. 15.12.2002

Born the. 26.3.2010



Father Timita`s Nemo

  Mother DK. Boromir Klatre TÝsen






GIC. DK. Boromir The Wild One

Premie Dk. Boromir Mr. Orange

Male Born. 28.12.07

Female Born 19.11.2004 Mco n 09 22 

Father Olmocabes Ragetti

Father  LÝvehulens Riverdancer

Motherr CH. LÝvehulens Copy Dollar Princess

Mother. DK. Boromir Iron Maiden

 Top -kat Maine Coon Klubben nr. 9, adult Top Kat Felis Danica Kitten/youngster Nr. 9 2008

Top -Kat Maine Coon Klubben Nr. 4, Kitten/youngster

 Top -Kat Maine Coon Klubben Nr. 3,   Kitten/youngster  2008

Top Kat Racekatten nr. 5 Kitten/youngster.

 Top cat Racekatten nr. 2 Kitten/youngster. 2008


CZ. Wild Kiss Of Midnight Colony


Female Born. 30.9.2004

Boromir  Mogwai

Father. Ic. Langstteich`s C. Cashmir  More info klik her

Mother. CZ.Juliette of Mignight Colony 





Hitman Bellamoondo*PL

Dk. Boromir Ziggy Stardust


 Born the.14.11.06

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  Mother : Boromir Wild One


 Father. Langstteich`s  CC. Free Jazz


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Boromir  The Wild Child


DK. Boromir Hope

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